Foxtech solar has developed four key solar industrial chains to meet extensive solar application filed :


Solar Panel

We manufacture 50-550w high efficiency 9/ 11bb solar PV modules with new market technology, and we also  set up a good partner with world Tier1 solar brands-- LONGi ,Trina,JA Solar , it’s better to provide your more solar products(solar panel) here.  


Solar Led Light

Foxtech Energy manufacture all in one smart solar led light : JKC series, PAD series , J series ,G serials, solar garden light, solar flood light etc., We also support individually customize solar Led light as your demands .  


Solar System

Foxtech Energy has three serials solar systems : on grid system , off grid system , hybrid on/off grid solar home system. For on grid system ,we publish resident solar roof, commercial solar projects and large -scale solar plants. For off grid system ,we recommend 1-10kw solar home system ,which could meet most of normal family electricity demands. For on/off grid system, it has hybrid on /off grid advantage feature, solar generating supplies on grid load during the daytime, while balance electricity stores in the battery to support the off grid load at night.


Solar Application/Solar Appliance

Foxtech Energy is be committed to develop a Top solar application supplier, especially in solar home application/solar appliance filed. So far, our solar air conditioner ,solar freezer ,solar refrigerator ,solar fan have got hot sells in middle East ,Africa , Latin market etc ., 

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