Solar energy systems


Foxtech solar main design and manufacture three differenct types solar energy systems:

a) On grid system - consists of high power solar panels, solar on grid inveter, solar bracket, solar distribution box etc.,On grid systems usually supply to the market with steady government grid power,  solar generate electricity for resident, commerce, large-scale station users at the daytime,while the balance electicity could also sell to nation  or  power plants . 

b)Off grid system - consists of solar modules,all in one  off grid inveter with built- in MPPT solar controller,lead acid/ LiFePo4 battery ,solar bracket, solar junction box ,Cable and MC4 connector etc .,Off grid system supports solar , Diesel generators ,AC grid charging , it has widely using in non-electricity and remote and island areas with huge potential . 

c) Hybrid solar system -- with on grid and off grid features, it could meet the dairly electricity demands, while the balance power store in the battery for night supply.    

Foxtech will bring more green and saving- energy products for all !

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